1. Victorian police sold illegal drugs, corruption report finds
  2. Victoria Police charged with bullying
  3. Victoria Police Raided the Wrong Property and Broke an Innocent Man’s Arm
  4. Victoria police has ‘unacceptably high’ levels of sexual harassment – report
  5. Victorian police officer Florian Hilgart to stand trial for beating 16 year old boy with baton while calling him a cunt.
  6. One in five Victoria police say reporting corruption could cost their job
  7. Victorian police officer Ross Fowler dodges conviction after kicking man in the chest, capsicum spraying him and then kicking him in the back while he was handcuffed
  8. Senior Constable Steven Repac of Ballarat Police Station receives guilty sentence in regards to police misconduct and mistreatment of a vulnerable woman in police custody yet receives 12 month good behavior bond and no conviction record
  9. Victoria Police should ‘resist the trend’ towards militarisation with new powerful weapons
  10. How Victoria Police officers faked over 258,000 breath test statistics
  11. Victoria Police officer charged with drug trafficking and other offences
  12. CCTV footage of capsicum spray use on teens forces Victoria Police internal investigation
  13. Protective Services Officers unleash capsicum spray on each other during a fight at a Melbourne station
  14. Who’s Who of Victoria Police • Melbourne Activist Legal Support


  1. NSW Drug Squad detectives have homes raided by fellow police


  1. Kumanjayi Walker: NT police officer charged with Yuendumu murder suspended on pay


Geraldton shooting: police officer charged with murder over death of Indigenous woman

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