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Police militarization shown in Melbourne at Freedom Day Rally

On September the 5th frustrated Victorians who have had their lives disrupted and their businesses ruined by stage 4 lock-downs attempted to exercise their rights to peaceful assembly among one of the heaviest displays of police militarization Melbourne has ever seen. Despite the efforts by the mainstream media to downplay the numbers present at the…

Launching “The FRONTLINES Podcast” on YouTube & SPOTIFY.

We here at Mindful Militants are very excited by our new pilot project “The FRONTLINES Podcast” that we are uploading to our YouTube Channel and Spotify! (as well as other podcasts platforms).This Podcast will be a regular series hosted by members of our collective that will discuss areas and updates within local and international activism, areas in alternative living, exposure with truth-seeking news as…

Forced lockdown of Melbourne public housing towers (this is fucked up)

Melbourne 6th of July, 2020  An emotional video has emerged from two local activists from SE Mutual Aid who were attempting to get donated supplies to residents in one of the nine public housing blocks under strict lockdown in Melbourne’s’ north.  The video shows the two advocates for Melbourne’s African & Afghani community on the brink…

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