Police militarization shown in Melbourne at Freedom Day Rally

On September the 5th frustrated Victorians who have had their lives disrupted and their businesses ruined by stage 4 lock-downs attempted to exercise their rights to peaceful assembly among one of the heaviest displays of police militarization Melbourne has ever seen.

Despite the efforts by the mainstream media to downplay the numbers present at the event anybody that was there would have seen there was well over a thousand people, not 200-300 like a lot of other sources suggest. The crowd were peaceful and singing songs and chants before police started to converge on their with horses and riot police to which officers with full armor and helmets started to single people out from the crowd and jump them

Dave and Josh conducted interviews and coverage at the event before Dave was targeted by riot police and swarmed upon and arrested for breaching covid restrictions and handcuffed and dragged away while his face was bleeding and subsequently charged. As shown in the video below on our YouTube channel.

The unjust growing militarization of Victoria Police has been steadily increasing for quite some time now and this display is clear evidence that most of these resources and equipment Victoria Police are acquiring are not for stopping violent and deadly crime and is to instead be used on the public. The more the police are given military-style weaponry and equipment, the more likely they are to use it. As the saying goes, if all you have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail. So with the rights to protest violently contested over the fear of a false pandemic it seems there is no better time to test out their new toys on innocent people.

How long can this type of response that is devoid of compassion and consideration be tolerated? By both members of the public and the individuals within the police force themselves. There must reach a boiling point and the actions shown on this day by the state governments authorities is doing nothing but stir the pot for people whose entire lives are being affected by this.

If you want to watch the recorded live stream that took place on our Instagram during the event feel free to view them below and be sure to follow to see live coverage of future events as they unfold.

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