Launching “The FRONTLINES Podcast” on YouTube & SPOTIFY.

We here at Mindful Militants are very excited by our new pilot project “The FRONTLINES Podcast” that we are uploading to our YouTube Channel and Spotify! (as well as other podcasts platforms).This Podcast will be a regular series hosted by members of our collective that will discuss areas and updates within local and international activism, areas in alternative living, exposure with truth-seeking news as well as intertwining a sense of philosophy and comedy in what is to be a very fun, informative and enjoyable podcast. 

We are all approaching this project with open minds and hearts and expect this podcast to grow and take a personality of it’s own over a length of time as we develop our ideas within it while leaving room for autonomous creative development. After we successfully produce over 15 episodes we hope to start to bring on guests to the show who are change agents within their own chosen fields and passions and hear stories, ideas, innovations and philosophy from other humans out there on the front-lines of social change and revolutions.

If you or anybody you know would like to be a guest on your podcast please email us at or get in contact with us via Discord!

If you would like to support this podcast and the collective behind it you can visit our Patreon and become an ally or you can follow our socials and even join us in our discussions. 

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