Forced lockdown of Melbourne public housing towers (this is fucked up)

Melbourne 6th of July, 2020 

An emotional video has emerged from two local activists from SE Mutual Aid who were attempting to get donated supplies to residents in one of the nine public housing blocks under strict lockdown in Melbourne’s’ north. 

The video shows the two advocates for Melbourne’s African & Afghani community on the brink of tears after being met with harassment by Police; who were preventing the donated goods reaching the residents in need. 

Police were preventing the individuals from delivering items such as baby formula for young mothers and insulin for diabetics.This comes after the State government imposed strict lockdowns on 9 public housing apartments in Melbourne.

Whilst some of the “hot spot” suburbs were placed on stage 3 restrictions (where residents can still leave their homes to go shopping, get exercise, and receive medical treatment) the lock downs on these apartment buildings meant residents could not even leave their units unless for an emergency. 

More than 500 police officers are on duty throughout these nine buildings stationed on every level to keep residents from leaving. This fully armed police presence has stricken fear into the residents, who feel like they’re being treated like prisoners in their own home. The justification for this demonstration of Police power, is to apparently contain the spread of coronavirus in Victoria. The problem is the states “Chief Health Officer” has even admitted that some of these buildings have no recorded infections of the coronavirus whatsoever.


Now it must also be said that the residents of these apartments are already among the most marginalized peoples of the city. Housing mostly African and middle eastern refugees, migrants as well as First Nations peoples and those with mental health issues. We believe these measures are unnecessary and may cause more damage to the residents in terms of their mental and physical health more than the purported virus.

This all comes in wake of protests and public uproar around systemic racism in Australia and the over 347 Aboriginal deaths in custody.It raises the question if the lock downs of these apartment blocks are a further example of this systemic racism and xenophobia.  

Of course, the mainstream media will have its justification for the lockdowns rooted under the guise of protecting public health from coronavirus. But we the people remain vigilant to the possibility that the pandemic is manufactured or at least over-exaggerated to give power to governments to exercise more control over their populations. 

For example a high profile Bulgarian pathologist Dr. Stoian Alexov is claiming that a monoclonal antibody hasn’t been isolated…to prove the coronavirus is present” and that the World Health Organisation is a “criminal medical organization” for creating worldwide fear and chaos without providing objectively verifiable proof of a pandemic.

There are numerous other doctors, nurses, and experts questioning and challenging the dominant narrative of this “pandemic” including Doctor Andrew Kauffman and other academics such as author Lisa Rankin M.D. The list goes on with other educated individuals sharing their views such as nurse Erin Marie Olszewski and many others

So we ask; if this pandemic is manufactured what are the real reasons behind these excessive lockdown measures? Why are they most forcefully placed upon low-socioeconomic and marginalized  populations? What are the real clear objectives here? 

We’ll leave it to you to come to your own conclusions. 

You can view the recordings of our LIVE coverage of the event below. For more live coverage of events as they unfold please follow us on our Instagram @mindful.militants


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